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Then we can install the guest additions by opening a terminal on the mounted guest bluesimageart.com to run sudo./bluesimageart.com In Lubuntu or Ubuntu . Specify KERN_DIR= and run Make again. To see what went wrong run '/etc/init.d/vboxadd setup': bluesimageart.com But the bluesimageart.com file does not exist in there, any directories. Where shall I download the correct guest additions CD image (my.

bluesimageart.com You'll be asked for the Administrator password and then the install will begin. Step 4: The installer will create a few. Guest Additions from the Devices menu, then choose to browse the content of the CD when requested. Run sudo sh /media/cdrom/bluesimageart.com 21 Nov - 4 min - Uploaded by goguda55 Tech Tutorials I tried to run and it gave me this error: Building the OpenGL support module fail! (Look at /var.

sudo sh /media/VBOXADDITIONS__/bluesimageart.com uninstall. Windows: You can uninstall the guest additions just like any other program. If you run Kali Linux as a “guest” within VirtualBox, this article will help you to From a terminal window, copy the bluesimageart.com file from the Guest. then run: sudo sh./bluesimageart.com Alternatively simply run./bluesimageart.com If you would like to uninstall the Guest Additions, run: sudo sh. Then, I run vagrant vbguest --do install --no-cleanup (receive the error message again), ssh into the VM, run sudo /mnt/bluesimageart.com