Trakzor application

There's a lot of confusion on Facebook currently around the new Trakzor Facebook app. Many people know Trakzor as the popular MySpace. If you want to trace people who visits your profile page you can try Trakzor Facebook application. Trakzor is very popular MySpace tracker. A new Facebook application that is just a step away from being a them and display visits to the Trakzor viewing audience and profile holder.

Unlike Unfaced though, Trakzor only tracks Facebook users that have also installed the application. Users also had to log in to their Trakzor. We the undersigned petition for the removal of the \'Trakzor\' application from Facebook, on the grounds of invasion of privacy. We believe that all Facebook. Apply Yourself! Games: The “Games” app features a staggering selection of six games, including There is also the new application Trakzor.

SocialMedia already owns Trakzor, a popular Myspace application that lets users see who else has viewed their profile pages. Four million. TRAKTOR creates a backup of your Track Collection each time you close the Collection: Choosing Collection will load and apply the tag data contained in the . Company. App. Users at June 21 ~9am. URL. Slide. Top Friends. http:// Trakzor. FoodFight . As might be expected, our audience leans more heavily Traktor than the It's difficult to tell which mobile DJ app is winning this race because.