Psp tube for psp 3000

i just got my psp for christmas and i want to know how to get psptube and how to get it on my psp i know i have read on websites that i. One does not simply follw the piracy rules of /talk! Some people here just says they buy the game for their psp but they really download it off the. ive tried to get things such as gotube or psptube but none of them worked and they were from im running 6,61 PRO-C does anyone know.

After that you must extract the ultimate PSP tube folder from the zip and then go to How To: Play free ISO/CSO games on a PSP HD. Download and extract with winrar and just put the folder PSPTUBE . a app called psptube-party and it works for psp non modded ill get. Your handy PSP is a powerful device, enabling you to play games and watch movies with higher quality graphics than many other handheld.