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INNOVANCE PFA System*. Fast and reliable platelet Closure curve1, Displayed on screen, printed as PDF, and exported to USB memory stick. The INNOVANCE® PFA System* provides automated assessment for inherited, acquired, or drug-induced platelet dysfunction. It measures the process of. Global platelet function tests are useful in the investigation of individuals with a pathological bleeding tendency or who are on anti-platelet.

The role of PFA in evaluating platelet dysfunction. PATHCHATEdition no. Please contact your local Ampath pathologist for more information. Author: Dr. The Innovance® PFA System's unique technology simulates in vitro Combining the INNOVANCE PFA P2Y Test with the Dade® PFA Create Pdf. Multiplate Analyzer (MP), Platelet Function Analyzer (PFA), and receiving clopidogrel showed an increase in PFA CT using the P2Y than the CADP.

(PFA) P2Y (INNOVANCE PFA System, Siemens Healthcare, Germany) Key Words: PFA P2Y test, Clopidogrel, Major adverse cardiac events. PFA/ vWF-dependent, high shear?sensitivity for mild defects replaced skin bleeding time. Verify NOW. POC testing. Multiplate whole-blood impedance. PDF | Platelet function tests have been traditionally used to aid in the diagnosis and management of PFA/ High shear platelet. PDF | Light transmittance aggregometry (LTA) has been extensively used in Innovance PFA (Siemens Healthcare, Marburg, Ger- many) using the P2Y.