Black and white chinese drama

Black & White (Chinese: 痞子英雄) was a Taiwanese drama starring Vic Chou, Mark Chao, Ivy Chen and Janine Chang. It was produced by Prajna Works . Black & White (Taiwan Drama); 痞子英雄; Pi Tzu Ying Hsiung ; Pi Zi Ying Xiong ; Black and White; 21 Gangsters: Chinese Triad - (dramas). Black & White. Black & White Title: 痞子英雄/ Pi Tzu Ying Hsiung (Pi Zi Ying Xiong); English title: Black & White; Genre: Black and White Correlation Chart 44th Golden Bell Awards: Best Drama; 44th Golden Bell Awards: Best Director .

Plot: Chen Zai Tian is a lazy cop who spends most of his time picking up women, despite having a reputation as the best crime-solver in his. Taiwanese 台灣綜藝 variety show, 台灣偶像劇, Idol Drama, online fast streaming - Black & White / 痞子英雄. Black & White / 痞子英雄. Black & White may just be the best TW-drama ever made, and not just Black & White (Chinese title Pi Zi Ying Xiong – Pi Zi is a Taiwanese.

the nation's President is on friendly terms with the local triad and twins kill people while drinking milkshake. Written by white.