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Create custom stationery to use with your Outlook email messages. Learn how to change the background of your Outlook email messages and how to apply stationery or a theme for a consistent look. Training: Stationery gives your email a consistent look with colorful backgrounds, patterns.

Create a template for email messages that you frequently send with similar contents. How to import stationery templates into MS-Outlook. Home > Outlook & Email Tips > import stationery templates to Outlook. But more natural and flexible is another way. Windows Mail and Outlook Express let you save your email as a genuine stationery easily—like.

Enhance your emails with colorful backgrounds, animations, sound and much more. Here's how to use stationery with Outlook. There is a stationery library in Outlook for your applying. However, you may not find out a fit one for your email message in some cases. And here we will show. Impress your friends with colorful & unique email stationery, powered by www. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, OutLook, Hotmail, iOS/Mac Mail and any web based email.