Rocks and gems game

I am sorry to announce everyone I can't get the play station emulator to work I tried to do the bios and nothing works I can't remember how to do it or nothing I am. wanna download and play rocks n gems? here is a download link for it with the Emulator. It allowed ordinary people to create homebrew PlayStation games, with the help of a home computer, Rocks N Gems, Gerhard Rittenhofer.

Posts about Rocks 'N' Gems written by gamerangel But one of the demos I put the most time into was a game called Rocks 'N' Gems. Rocks'n'Diamonds is a scrolling tile-based computer puzzle game that can be described as a Some destroyed monsters drop gems necessary to achieve the necessary number to complete the level. Amoeba can be dangerous and. Discover the fascinating earth's vibrant treasures beneath your feet. This is a reference app to allow mobile users to accessible information of the metaphysical .

The latest development version of the Rocks'n'Diamonds source code is If you prefer to do things manually (and run the game from a single folder that you can. got hooked on a demo of rocks & gems many moons ago & can't dont have the details for the game either, just posting to show ma support!.