Counter strike 1.6 hltv models v2

Just copy and replace the files into cstrike/models folder. Hope you like it! A Counter-Strike (CS) Skin Mod in the Weapon Packs category. To download sxe cs models for free simply click here. And after downloading paste all models in your cstrike/models folder of your cs. see above video also. Currently there are 17 Counter-Strike models. The most popular cs models file is SpawN HLTV models by bax0n model where Steelseries Skins by zlaya.

cs models downloads and other cs or models files for download. Natus Vincere SKIN PACK v2 by aXE model · cs models The most popular one of all the cs models is SpawN HLTV models by bax0n where Steelseries Skins by. download Counter-Strike skins and cs skins or other Counter-Strike , cs or skin downloads. SpawN HLTV models by bax0n model · cs models. This are the hltv models van counter-strike. Download standard-models: CS + additional CS Graphics - high detailed models for Counter Strike