WineASIO provides an ASIO to JACK driver for WINE. ASIO is the most common Windows low-latency driver, so is commonly used in audio. music driver linux windows pc musician jack jackaudio asio asio-drivers audio audio-streaming low-latency composer sound wine emulator jack-audio-connection-kit. You'd like to use the Windows Emulator (WINE) for Linux, but you need low-latency, high performance audio (ASIO. WineASIO and REAPER. What is Wine? What is WineASIO? Configure WineASIO. Registering WineASIO libraries. What is REAPER? Installing.

Step 1: Install WineASIO If you use ubuntu, run this in a terminal: sudo apt-get install software-properties-common wget sudo add-apt-repository. Git Clone URL: (read-only). Package Base Upstream URL: Licenses: LGPL. but it wouldn't open with wineasio. I did a complete reinstall of the whole o.s., 32 bit back to 64, jack 1 and jack 2, put the all over.

I can't get wineasio working on bit Ubuntu. I installed the latest Cadence, Jack, and wineasio from the KX Studio reps. I'm pretty lost in the. How to install a wineasio to the Mint, since in neither synaptic and not respond to any command sudo apt-get install? I found wineasio in. Fortunately drumfix has updated the WINE ASIO patch originally written by Robert Reif to work with recent WINE version. Following (big). media-sound/wineasio. ASIO to Homepage, Summary Downloads, mirror://sourceforge/wineasio/