Turquoise jeep cavities

29 Mar - 5 min - Uploaded by keepitwolfson Turquoise Jeep (Flynt Flossy & Pretty Raheem) performing "Cavities" on the Doritos. 9 May - 4 min - Uploaded by DuecePiece Turquoise Jeep (sans Young Humma) performing 'Cavities' live @ Canal Public House in. Featuring Whatchyamacallit & Pretty Raheem. Album Turquoise Jeep Records: Keep The Jeep Ridin' Flynt Flo$$y, Pretty Raheem, and Whatchyamacallit keep the jeep riding with this hot Turquoise Jeep joint about how chocolate love in your mouth can satisfy that sweet tooth, but remember.

20 May - 4 min This song goes out to all the ladies with a sweet tooth. Tummy Stratch Music and Brown Note. TJR FACT#5: In the video "CAVITIES" the rain was actually real but not planned. Co-director Flynt Flossy felt the rain would be an advantage so he convinced. Turquoise Jeep Records is an independent record label founded by Flynt Flossy and Whatchyamacallit. It is best known for its YouTube videos including.

The Turquoise Jeep crew have been releasing comedic rap and R&B or Fertilized" to the even more blatant double-entendres of "Cavities. In case you haven't realized already, Turquoise Jeep is a satire group, Cavities (with all this chocolate in your mouth), and SHUYAMOUF.