Fm12 barcelona tactic

Krunccrni: For his amazing Barcelona tactic which makes up most of this tactic. I haven't had a PM back from Krunccrni unlike everyone else. Barcelona but before Pep Guardiola with Messi as AMR, Eto'o CF and Henry AML - And many else real simulated tactics from the playing. Football Manager possession tactic - Tiki-Taka on its best! Barcelona Tiki-Taka domination extreme is based on some of the aspects from the playing style of Tiki-Taka, and is one of the best possession tactics I've ever created for Football Manager. This tactic is custom-made.

Download a great FM tactic that tries to make your team play like Barcelona . As some of you may know earlier this year I released a tactic that given the right players could get passing stats similar to that of Barcelona. 13 Nov - 35 sec - Uploaded by Football Manager Blog TO FIND OUT MORE GO TO - SUBSCRIBE & JOIN OUR FM COMMUNITY.

The Key Player Roles Attributes of The FM17 Tiki Taka Tactics Enjoy this read and remember to share our Barcelona tiki taka tactic to your. have great admiration for Guardiola and his Barcelona tactic. I was trying the whole year to simulate this same tactic in FM It was possible. Take Barcelona's recent victory over Villarreal, Josep Guardiola from this article explaining the long journey towards this tactic, this article.