Netbackup liveupdate server

LiveUpdate server. For NetBackup Release Update packages, download the necessary files from the appropriate Veritas support site. Update packages consist. Guidelines for setting up a NetBackup LiveUpdate server. A NetBackup LiveUpdate server does not require installation of any special software. LiveUpdate policies. For Windows servers, NetBackup client services must be running on those servers that are listed in the LiveUpdate policy.

However, Before you can use NetBackup LiveUpdate, you must set up and configure your NBLU. This server can be either a Web server or a. One such topic is the installation and configuration of the NetBackup Live update server. Nowhere in the 20 admin guides I reviewed did it spell. Nbmtrans forwards these updates to nbjm. The LiveUpdate agent on the NetBackup Client checks on the NetBackup LiveUpdate Server to see.

copied to the NetBackup LiveUpdate server and installed remotely to NetBackup clients. Remote installation. □. Windows and UNIX hosts can. By default, your Windows clients get their updates from the management server. If you select the default management server and your environment includes Mac. It's important to understand that NetBackup LiveUpdate is not the same as the is contained on servers that are controlled by the NetBackup administrator. NetBackup Maintenance Updates are manually downloaded from a support site to the NetBackup LiveUpdate server. 2. From the NetBackup Master Server, the.