Betamethasone cream and phimosis

The conservative treatment of phimosis in boys. range ) diagnosed as having phimosis; twice daily, a topical steroid (% betamethasone cream) was . METHODS: Boys with phimosis whose parents opted for medical management were treated with topical betamethasone (%) and manual. INTRODUCTION: % betamethasone valerate cream is generally used as an alternative to circumcision for the treatment of phimosis in boys. The aim of this.

Is Betamethasone cream phimosis your major concern? Solve your problem quick & easy with online consultation. Get your query answered 24*7 with Expert . When someone mentions using a phimosis cream to treat their tight foreskin, for phimosis, you need a potent steroid cream, such as betamethasone %. Patients were submitted to application of % betamethasone ointment on to the foreskin until the ring appeared, applying a thin layer of cream twice daily.

Topical steroid cream sparingly to preputial ring (tightest part of foreskin): % betamethasone tds for weeks (NB: longer duration compared to phimosis. The notion that circumcision is the appropriate response to phimosis is now outdated Thirty-seven of the patients treated with % betamethasone valerate. Phimosis refers to the inability to retract the distal foreskin over the glans Betamethasone valerate %, %, and % in combination with. S Main St # Orange, CA Phimosis Cream Application Instructions. He has been given a prescription for a steroid cream to use at home following.