Honorbuddy leveling profile

Click the little down arrow beside the 'Load Profile' button. Click 'From Buddy Store'; Click the down arrow beside ' Questing Profile Pack'. HonorBuddy Profile & CC bluesimageart.com of these are created by me, simply being shared. LEVELING PROFILES ALLIANCE Alliance. Hey guys, im looking for good Questing Profiles. The Profiles in the Forum are buggy / don't support all classes. Maybe some1 of you found.

For those of you who have a acquired a working version of honorbuddy for I have a Horde undead questing profile for you. OT: I'll try it out tomorrow with a lvl 1 undead warrior. I´m also on creating further profiles, but my meshes are stuck at Outland, so i can´t test. Hi guys, Found this great profile package on the Honorbuddy forum and Will follow different path/zones than Kick's profiles (till level 40/50). Faction - Alliance. Leveling (Grinding Only). Alliance Outland Grind - Wiki Profile; Add to this list by creating a new page!.

Hi i bought this bot yesterday and it is amazing but i wonder if i can use the honorbuddy questing profile for this bot? That would be. Of course there's no public 1-max level questing profile for free, why should Honorbuddy no-doubt has thousands and the ban wave recently. Just trying to level two accounts at once out there. Post or PM me link or info on how to get this please, I hear theres been an alliance one from. New in Honorbuddy. See more · Raid Studio / Warlords of Draenor · Studio60 · Questing Profile Packs. € Daily Studio / Argus Companion · Studio