Wave mapper

Microsoft's Sound Mapper (which sometimes appears in audio applications as ' MME-WDM Microsoft Sound Mapper' or simply 'Wave Mapper') often becomes. "The Windows sound system has a sound device called Wave Mapper, also known as Sound Mapper. This facility allows programs to. I only have one soundcard (that i know of, lol) a SBLive! but there was another option there "Wave Mapper" after selecting this one the sound.

Hi, what's the difference between the "wave mapper" and the soundcards own in- out option? (ie. SB play-device/SB recording-device VS. the. Wave Mapper. The WaveMapper is a handy device that: a) combines different wavesamples together into one instrument, b) maps wavesamples into certain. I have just upgraded my desktop from a Dell Dimension to a Dell Vostro I used MP3 Direct Cut to record with the Dimension. It did it.

When using Nero Wave Editor to record analog music, the choice for an input device is either my sound card (Sound Blaster) or Wave Mapper. So when I launch soundforge I get a notice that null wave mapper is missing or in use by another application. I just cancel and go on. Does that. I have wave generator, which is a phenomenal app, what advantage would wave mapper pose?. I think the problem may be with the wave mapper itself. I have noticed a few others in other groups have had a similar problem, but no one has.