Lisp routines

If you use AutoCAD every day, and find there are routines that you would like to automate, AutoCAD offers a way to do this: LISP routines. LISP. This means that some of the LISP routines you've accumulated over the years may not work in AutoCAD for Mac. Typically, if a routine is. A series of 3d LISP routines including 3dcabnas described above, 3dwin which draws a 3d window, 3d pedit, 3d rotation, 3d pline and numerous other 3d lisps.

I haven't had any experience with writing lisp routines. Can anyone write one that does the following when closing a drawing? I had one but it. You change the mapped device in Windows and suddenly all used lisp routines are not working anymore, even if the path has been add to. Forum: LISP Routines Lisp routine to add value 'x' to existing attribute values of a block. Started by Dave, PM.

I have downloaded some lisp routines and loaded them into CAD and they work very well also saving me time. I would like to know if anyone. A collection of AutoLISP routines for AutoCAD. Here we have a vast collection of AutoCAD programs going all they way back to the early days of CAD software. DraftSight Professional has many added extras over the free version of DraftSight . My favourite is the ability to use LISP routines. What's LISP I.