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King of the Boogie by Allan Mainous

"King of the Boogie"
Acrylic on canvas 18" X 24"
Original:  $799


Blues Boy by Allan Mainous

"Blues Boy"
Acrylic on canvas 14" X 18"
Original:  $799


Hoochie Coochie Man by Allan Mainous

"Hoochie Coochie Man"
Large acrylic on canvas 36" X 36"
Original only:  $999


Checker1_4x.jpg (36464 bytes)

"The Checker Bar-B-Que"
Large  24" X 30" acrylic on canvas.
Depicts a south side Chicago "Juke Joint" with two would-be Blues artists hanging out outside for their turn to perform.
Original $799  -Ask about limited edition prints available soon


Mojo4_4x.jpg (32783 bytes)

"A Tribute to Chicago Blues"
Large 18" X 24" collage on canvas - Framed
One of a kind: $799


BBKingPainting.jpg (40474 bytes)

"King of The Blues"
Original acrylic on canvas  20" X 30"
Price for original:  $499
Prints: $149


Dexter_Gordon_1946_4x4.jpg (41909 bytes)

"The Blues of 1946"
This is a 24" X 24" Acrylic on canvas
Original sells for $699



Stevie_Ray_Vaughn_Stamp_4x5.jpg (51660 bytes)

"The Stamp"
Acrylic on canvas 18" X 24"
Original: $699
Prints: $149


T-Bone_Walker_4x4.jpg (24271 bytes)

This is a limited edition Serigraph 12" X 12"
Printed on high quality watercolor paper
Price: $49


Freddie_King_4x6.jpg (29061 bytes)

"Blues Across The Water"
12" X 24" Acrylic on canvas
Original: $499
9"X18" Prints: $29
Beautiful Limited Edition Print 21"x33"
on fine watercolor paper: $299


Gene_Vincent_4x3.5.jpg (37557 bytes)

Gene Vincent collage contains a picture disk of Gene Vincent
from the movie "The Girl Can't Help It", a 1956 Capitol Records
advertisement, and an actual ticket from one of his concerts in the late 50s
Price $499


Big_Joe_4x4.jpg (38702 bytes)

This is a 24 X 24 acrylic on canvas titled "Big Joe"
Original: $699 - SOLD
Limited edition 11"X11" prints: $29 - still available


BluesHappy_4x4.jpg (16908 bytes)

This is a 24 X 24 original Acrylic on canvas
Ttitled  "The Blues Can Make You Happy Too" Part 1
Original: $399
Prints: $149


Muddy_Waters_4x4.jpg (29603 bytes)

A limited edition (100 only)  8" X 8" serigraph. Heat transfer from original acrylic.  Unframed on high quality watercolor paper.
Prints $29.99 each


Van_Morrison_4x4.jpg (29896 bytes)

Van Morrison "Days Like This"  Acrylic on canvas  24 " X  24"
Price: $399



Sweet Home Chicago 4x3.jpg (49776 bytes)

Original Painting "Sweet Home Chicago" a 24 " X 18 " acrylic on canvas, framed
Price: $699



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